Liv Morgan Dominik Mysterio
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Rey Mysterio Wonders If A ‘Custody Of Dominik Mysterio’ Match Could Happen Again

One of the most infamous storylines in WWE was the feud between Eddie Guererro and Rey Mysterio. At one point in their feud, the custody of a young Dominik Mysterio was on the line.

Recently, while speaking on the Insight With Chris Van Vliet podcast, Rey Mysterio opened up about his ladder match against Eddie Guererro with the custody of Dominik on the line.

“I want to say that that came from Bruce [Prichard] and Eddie [Guerrero] I don’t know if somebody else had some input in it. But when that idea was brought up to me, I said, Sure, that sounds cool. Let me speak to Dom about it. Dom from his understanding had always been a little bit shy, timid especially back then, younger. But when he knew that money was involved, he said, Yeah, I’m down. I’ll do it.

“But Eddie spoke to him, I know Bruce spoke to him as well, which is crazy, just to even, like, see, so many years past and now Bruce being there and talking to Dom and Bruce kind of telling them okay, this is what we’re gonna have going on for the next storyline. You know, I can’t imagine what Bruce feels when he speaks to Dom when he spoke to him when he was only seven years old. And it’s got to be such a cool feeling.” 

Rey Mysterio wonders if the custody of Dominik Mysterio could be on the line in a match between Rhea Ripley and Liv Morgan

Currently, Liv Morgan is trying to take away Dominik Mysterio from former WWE Women’s World Heavyweight Champion Rhea Ripley. Ripley is currently sidelined due to an injury.

During the same interview with Van Vliet, Mysterio pondered over the idea that the custody of his son could once again be on the line in a match.

“I always ask myself this question. And I like to every now and then kind of just let my brain wander off. If Eddie would still be here in this scenario, with Dom being who he is now, I can’t even imagine the kind of pleasure we would bring to the ring, to the audience of being able to see Dom, Eddie, and myself. You know, it’d be such a cool moment, man. And I do think about that a lot,” Rey Mysterio said.

What were your thoughts on the Custody of Dominik Mysterio match?