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Photo Credit: WWE

Wes Lee References The Rascalz, Zachary Wentz Says He Has Brothers Waiting To Go

Zachary Wentz teases a Rascalz reunion in WWE NXT.

In a tweet, Zachary Wentz responded to a clip in which Wes Lee said that he was known to be “a little rascal.” Wentz noted that, “Once a Rascal, always a Rascal.” He wrote that he has enjoyed seeing Lee thrive the way he has. Wentz also said that if Lee ever needed help, he had brothers “waiting to go.”

Fans have been buzzing about a potential Rascalz reunion in recent weeks. Wentz has teased popping up in NXT as TNA and NXT have been working together. Wentz and Lee previously teamed up as MSK in WWE and held the NXT Tag Team Championship twice. Lee transitioned into being a singles star after WWE released Wentz in 2022. Wentz has since landed in TNA, where he reunited with Rascalz member Trey Miguel.

As confirmed on the June 25 episode of WWE NXT, Lee will challenge Oba Femi for the NXT North American Championship at NXT Heatwave.

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