Dr. Anthony Fauci
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Matt Camp: WWE Wanted Dr. Anthony Fauci On ‘The Bump’

Matt Camp is not staying quiet about his exit from the WWE, as he continued to talk about behind-the-scenes at The Bump.

The former host of The Bump previously ranted about being let go by the company. He said he had to ring Michael Cole to find out why he had been fired from his role earlier this year.

Meanwhile, he also tore into The Rock, who he met around this time. Matt Camp noted how The Rock came to WWE headquarters, took photos with everybody. He even said how they were all a “family”. Camp was fired just three weeks later.

Speaking on The Wrestling Matt, Matt Camp revealed that WWE wanted to get Dr Anthony Fauci on The Bump. Fauci was frequently on TV during the pandemic, and talked about COVID and advising people to get the vaccine. At the time, he became a household name.

“As the months go by…Dr. Anthony Fauci was in the news a lot. They’re trying to get the word out about the vaccine and whatever and okay, and he was making appearances everywhere and on television,” Camp said (h/t Fightful). “It comes out, I found this out, I don’t think I knew as it was happening, or maybe I knew right at the end. I’ve said this before. The Bump didn’t get a lot of love within the company, but sometimes it was used in certain ways. The Bump could make money for the company with sponsorships and things like that.”

Matt Camp: We Had Random People On The Bump Who Didn’t Draw

Matt Camp continued. He talked about the numerous celebrities who appeared on The Bump. Fauci would be one of a long list of celebs who had nothing to do with wrestling.

“You go back and watch some of those pandemic episodes, we had the most random people on that aren’t wrestling people. We had the Property Brothers on. We had some YouTuber from Mexico, we had Ken Jeong, we had Joel McHale, we had Keegan Michael Key. And had Randy Jackson, you name it. We had all these random people on, and they drew…not that well. There was that wrestling bubble that, I don’t think people cared about celebrities. It’s why I thought the Raw guest hosts never did that well unless they were in.”