EC3 To Defend NWA World Title In France

EC3 is emphasizing the “World” in NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion.

The National Wrestling Alliance announced that EC3 will defend the NWA World’s Heavyweight Championship at Banger Zone Wrestling’s No Fear event in Faches Thumesnil, France on July 6. EC3 will defend his title against Tristan Archer.

Archer is a French-born competitor and a 15-year veteran trained by Lance Storm. Archer is a decorated champion in Europe, winning WXW’s Unified World Wrestling Championship, as well as the International Catch Wrestling Alliance Heavyweight title.

EC3 on Tyrus

EC3 was recently interviewed by PWMania. During the interview, he spoke about the man he beat for the NWA World title, Tyrus. EC3 had a lot of praise for Tyrus and said he wanted the bout to be more of a storytelling device.

“Tyrus and I have a story beyond what is seen on TV. We grew up together in FCW and knew each other for a very long time. We’ve been cordial, enemies, and friends, and still, to this day I’m sometimes on his podcast. Working with Tyrus is a great honor, for anyone whose career has had success, to be their final match means something. When I look at how mine will end, sometimes I’m looking for who will be the right person to have that honor to defeat me. It’s huge. The story was good. We didn’t try to wrestle a match, I wanted to have a Greek tragedy, that was my idea. I wish we could have delved into it better. I wish we had all the bells and whistles of WWE to dive into that story.”

“He’s a student of the game”

EC3 is also aware of Tyrus’s real-life political views making him a polarizing figure. He says Tyrus might get heat politically, but he’s also got plenty of love and admiration for the pro wrestling business and might not get credit for that.

“To have FCW footage, and stuff like that, from season four of NXT to IMPACT when he was my heavy, to have him by my side for so long to now split apart. He was my final match at IMPACT actually, as well. Great honor, passing the torch he said something very special to me. Someday if someone is lucky enough, I’ll do the same thing for them. He gets a lot of scrutiny because of stupid politics, but I don’t think wrestling fans know the true love, passion, admiration, and devotion he has to this business, and still has. He’s a student of the game, has a lot of love and respect for this business, and more power to him,” EC3 said.

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