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Photo Credit: NWA

EC3 To Defend NWA Title In Triple Threat Featuring Elijah (fka Elias) In Italy

The NWA is going international when EC3 has his next big world title defense.

EC3, a former TNA Heavyweight Champion, continues his reign as NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion with another title defense against new opposition. He has held the title since August last year, after retiring the previous champion Tyrus during their match.

EC3 has made 30 defenses of the title so far. He is set to add another in Italy later this month.

The National Wrestling Alliance announced that EC3 will defend the NWA World’s Heavyweight Championship against Elijah and Red Scorpion. This title defense will be in a triple-threat match. Elijah is former WWE Superstar Elias, in one of his biggest matches since leaving the company.

Meanwhile, Red Scorpion is a 17-year-veteran Italian wrestler. Trained by Tajiri and Axel Fury, he has all the makings to potentially shock the former WWE star in their three-way bout.

The match is part of Wrestling Megastars “La Notte dei Campioni” (“The Night of Champions”) place in Bovolone of Italy’s Verona province. This marks the very first time the NWA World’s Heavyweight Championship has been defended in Italy. Since the NWA was founded in 1948, the belt has never been defended in Italy, so EC3 is making history when he faces his two competitors on July 7th.

This match is just one day after EC3 defends his NWA title in France. He takes on Tristan Archer. This match will be at Banger Zone Wrestling’s Not Afraid, taking place on June 6th in Faches Thumesmil in France.

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