AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door Orange Cassidy Zack Sabre Jr.
Image Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Zack Sabre Jr. Always Knew Orange Cassidy Was Cool Way Before All Of You

Last night at the AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door pay-per-view, Orange Cassidy wrestled the ‘Best Technical Wrestler in the World’ Zack Sabre Jr. for the first time in the Jacksonville-based promotion. After a hard-fought battle, the ‘British Master’ managed to pick up the win.

Following the match at the post-show Media Scrum, Zack Sabre Jr. shared his thoughts on Orange Cassidy. The British Master mentioned that he respects Cassidy a lot and always knew that Cassidy was very cool, even before the rest of the world knew that.

“Well, obviously, this is like my fourth AEW pay-per-view match and like my first victory. So I think, going into this match like, Orange Cassidy, I think sort of felt I was disrespecting him. But there was… I don’t think there’s a wrestler in the world that like respects Orange Cassidy more than me. I think anyone… Anyone that knows my personality or like my taste in like music and film probably think I’m like a pretentious wanker.

“But I actually knew that Orange Cassidy was cool, way before all of you. Like, ten years ago, roughly, we were in the Northeast Indies. And if I was on before Orange Cassidy, I’d be at the merch stand watching the match losing my mind and the rest of the crowd like, ‘What is this maniac doing?’ So, we’ve both wanted this match for a long time. Obviously, I hoped it was going to happen last year, it didn’t work out.”

What is next for Zack Sabre Jr.?

After picking up his first AEW pay-per-view victory, Zack Sabre Jr. is looking forward to his upcoming matches in Rev-pro Wrestling and the G1 Climax.

“Yeah like, self-contained to beat Orange Cassidy is massive for me. Like, not only for it to be my first AEW pay-per-view victory. If there is anyone disregarding how talented Orange Cassidy is at pro wrestling, they are a f****** idiot. So, it’s massive for me. And then obviously not to disregard AEW, but for me, this is the beginning of my Summer.

“And then we have the G1 Climax in three weeks time, which is, I mean no offense, it’s like the most important tournament in all of pro wrestling. It has the biggest history and the continuity of quality. And my objective and goal right now, so it’s not just reach the top of New Japan as a foreigner, but to reach the top of New Japan as the top. And my motivation and all of my responsibilities is to carry New Japan into the future,” Zack Sabre Jr. said.

Would you like to see the British Master return to compete inside an AEW ring?