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TNA Xplosion Results – June 28th, 2024

The following segments and matches are from the June 28th episode of TNA Xplosion.

The show opens, like last week, with a match recorded for Xplosion. This opening bout saw Gisele Shaw taking on Laynie Luck in a Knockouts Division match. It was a short match, which seemed to be to showcase Gisele Shaw more than anything. She pinned Luck following a running knee to pick up a win to start the show.

This was followed by a “From The Vault” match. TNA showed the six-way ladder match from TNA Slammiversary 2014. This match was for the TNA X-Division title, and saw SANADA retaining the belt in under ten minutes.

They followed this with “Around The Ring” with Gia Miller. She was joined by TNA World Champion Moose. They talked about his history appearing on the show, before playing a game of “true of false” with facts about Moose.

“In Case You Missed It”

This was followed by “In Case You Missed It” segment. TNA Xplosion replayed Nic Nemeth vs Rich Swann from this week’s TNA Impact. The winner of the match earned a shot at the six-way match at Slammiversary for the TNA Championship.

Despite Swann being in control for most of the match, Nemeth managed to hit a Danger Zone to pin the former world champion, and earn his title shot.

This was followed by the main event of Xplosion. Bhupinder Gujjar took on Eli Isom in the final match on the show, in a bout that barely lasted five minutes. However, the fans were strongly behind Gujjar, and both men played they role in the match well.

Gujjar struggled to hit a clean powerbomb at the end of the match, dropping Ison sloppily onto the mat. He hit a top-rope spear to win the match in the main event of Xplosion.

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