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Natalya Shares Who Convinced Bret Hart And Jim Neidhart To Wear Pink and Black Gear

One of the most iconic wrestling looks is the one worn by the Hart Foundation. Their pink and black wrestling gear is something that has been worn also by the Queen of Harts, Natalya.

Recently, while speaking to McKenzie Mitchell on her Threads series, Natalya shared the significance behind her gear. She noted it was not only a tribute to her uncle and late father, but also shared who got them to wear pink and black in the first place.

“Ooh! So my very favorite costume that we had together was my… This piece from WrestleMania 35. Beth and I wanted to be matching and we were adamant that we looked like identical Bobbsey Twins. So this is the gear. It was made by Terry. Terry and her sister Julie actually designed the very first Hart Foundation gear. For my dad [Jim Neidhart] and Bret [‘The Hitman’ Hart] wearing pink and black. They said, they were the ones that, when my dad and Bret were wearing blue, they were the ones that were like, ‘You guys should wear pink and black. And it’ll just stand out.’

“They showed that gear to the powers that be in WWE. And all of a sudden Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart were wearing pink and blank. So, Beth and I wanted to honor Julie and Terry. And we wanted to pay homage to Bret and my dad. So we did pink and black with a little bit of blue. And this was… So, there’s over 10,000 crystals on this, hand placed on there. And then we also wanted a phoenix. So it’s Beth’s logo and it’s so so special. I wanted to have the legs open on the side. And then there’s the phoenix on the back. But there’s over 10,000 crystals on this and then a matching jacket. It’s like a little bit of Road Warriors and a little bit of Hart Foundation. But with all of me and Beth,” Natalya said.

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