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LA Knight Reveals The Freedom He Has With His WWE Promos

LA Knight is one of the most popular wrestlers on the microphone in WWE, and now he’s revealing what goes into that.

SmackDown Superstar LA Knight recently spoke to John Pollock of POST Wrestling. When asked what he draws inspiration from for his promo style and what his process is, Knight said he generally has an idea of where he’s going, but he likes to figure it out in the ring.

“It’s a little more structured in WWE than anywhere else I’ve ever been,” LA Knight admitted. “But generally, I would say, nine times out of ten throughout most of my career, I have an idea where I’m going. I have a road map; I know how I’m gonna start, and I know how I’m gonna finish. I know what I’m gonna talk about, but I don’t have a whole speech laid out.

“One of the things that I would always say before I go out there is I’d probably look at somebody and be like, ‘I don’t know what I’m about to say, but we’re gonna figure it out here altogether.’ And that’s kind of how it’s worked for me. I think that keeps it organic. It keeps it real; it keeps it fresh. And really, again, as long as I know where I’m going and what I’m talking about, I’m ready to go.”

WWE main roster promos have shifted to the same freedom he had while in NXT

When asked if the style of promos has relaxed in WWE over the past year, Knight said that it has, but this is kind of the same freedom he was given in NXT.

“Yeah, yeah, for sure. But I mean, I’ve been given that freedom in NXT,” LA Knight revealed. “So in NXT, it was the ability to, hey, here’s the time, here’s how I’m gonna start, here’s how I’m gonna end. I’ll fill in the middle.”

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