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Shawn Michaels On The Importance Of Action Figures Throughout His Career

There are few wrestlers on the planet that have more overall action figures than WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels.

WWE Vice President of Talent Development Shawn Michaels recently sat down with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated. When asked about his upcoming Ultimate Edition action figure based on his WrestleMania XII attire, which will be unveiled at San Diego Comic Con, Michaels said being featured at that show will give him some much-needed street cred with his son.

“Having this figure will premiere at the San Diego Comic Con; that’s a big one for me,” Shawn Michaels said. “This is so going to give me street cred with my son. San Diego Comic Con is where all the Marvel guys go, and it’s going to put me on the map at the Hickenbottom house, so I have to thank the team at Mattel. It’s a huge notch in the belt at home for Daddy Hickenbottom.”

“About a year ago, the Mattel team came to my house to visit. That’s when I started thinking that my whole adult life has been captured in various stages through these action figures. It’s just amazing to me all the things I’ve kind of forgotten about until I see the figures, then I remember. The team at Mattel is incredible. I’ll never forget the zipline before WrestleMania, but it’s so many different aspects of my life–where I was in life, how I was feeling–and they’re all captured there.”

Shawn Michaels has almost 300 action figures throughout his career

Michaels admitted that he never thought that his entire adult life would eventually be immortalized in action figure form.

“I remember thinking, at 19, what this job as a pro wrestler would be like,” Shawn Michaels said. “Never in my wildest imagination did I think it would be this enormous, this big, or this fast. I can get introspective with this stuff.

“My wife Rebecca went back to Texas and brought all of our stuff back to Florida. We’ve been unpacking for weeks, and there’s just so much stuff. So much of it is from my wrestling career. It’s boxes and boxes. The kids saw the action figure from the AWA. That feels like a lifetime ago. It’s absolutely mind-boggling when you look back on it all. That’s why I come to work so thankful. I never dreamed of this all being so big.”

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What do you make of Shawn Michaels’ comments? Have you owned any HBK action figures throughout your lifetime? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.