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The Bloodline Defeats Cody Rhodes, Randy Orton, & Kevin Owens At WWE Money In The Bank

Solo Sikoa made a big statement at WWE Money In The Bank.

Solo pinned Cody Rhodes in the main event of the WWE Money in the Bank, the end of a fast-paced sequence that saw multiple finishers while the referee was knocked out. Orton RKO’d everyone in the ring, then Solo hits him with a Samoan Spike. Rhodes hit him with Cross Rhodes, but Fatu attacked from behind and held him up so Solo could spike Rhodes.

WWE Money in the Bank results

Check out a recap of the match, courtesy of our live coverage page:

The Bloodline (Solo Sikoa, Tama Tonga, and Jacob Fatu) w/Tanga Loa vs. Undisputed WWE Champion Cody Rhodes, Randy Orton, and Kevin Owens

Owens stares daggers through Jacob Fatu. Sikoa acts like he’s going to start the match, but he tags in Tonga instead. Rhodes drops Tonga with a drop-down uppercut. Bulldog by Rhodes. Owens tags in and unloads on Tonga with rights and lefts. Owens stomps Tonga in the corner. Rhodes tags back in and slams Tonga to the mat with a delay gourd buster. Orton tags in and works over Tonga in the corner. Tonga pokes Orton in the eye and tags in Fatu.

Fatu charges in and gets sent flying out of the ring. Fatu tries to get back in the ring. Orton hangman DDTs Fatu. Fatu pops back up to his feet. Orton drops down to call for the RKO. Orton looks up and sees Fatu snarling at him. Fatu sends Orton flying with a Samoan drop. Fatu tags in Sikoa. Sikoa works over Orton. Tonga tags in and lands a diving elbow to Orton. The Bloodline takes turns working over Orton. Orton manages to tag in Owens, who turns Tonga inside out with a clothesline.

Owens knocks Fatu off the apron and crushes Tonga in the corner with a cannonball. Swanton by Owens. Fatu breaks up the pin and drags Tonga to the corner to tag out. The Bloodline works over Owens. Owens manages to tag in Rhodes as Fatu tags in Sikoa. Rhodes lands a flurry of offense. Disaster kick by Rhodes. Tonga eats a Cody cutter. Rhodes lands a dive on Sikoa. Loa pushes Fatu out of the way and gets crushed by a dive by Rhodes. Fatu tries to put Rhodes through the barricade. Rhodes counters with a back body drop. Spears Rhodes. Rhodes kicks out. The referee gets taken out. Rhodes drops Sikoa with Crossroads. Owens lands a frog splash. Orton RKOs Sikoa.

The referee is still out. Rhodes, Owens, and Orton set up a Cerberus bomb. Fatu breaks it up. Tonga eats a Stunner. The referee gets crushed against the ringsteps. Owens puts Fatu through the commentary desk with a splash off the barricade. Owens sets up a package piledriver. Loa rolls in the ring and low blows Owens. Orton RKOs everyone. Sikoa Samoan Spikes Orton. Rhodes hits two Crossroads on SIkoa. Fatu Fatu surprises Rhodes with a whisper in the wind. Fatu holds Rhodes as Sikoa Spikes him. Sikoa pins Rhodes.

Winners- The Bloodline

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