Oba Femi Wes Lee WWE NXT Heatwave
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WWE NXT Heatwave: Oba Femi vs. Wes Lee Result

At WWE NXT Heatwave, Oba Femi defended the NXT North American Championship against Wes Lee.

Lee previously challenged for the title in a three-way match that included Joe Coffey at NXT Battleground, and Femi retained the gold. At NXT Heatwave, Femi put the title on the line in a singles bout.

Femi overpowered Lee early on, as he tossed up into the air and later slammed him into the apron. The champion continued to dominate, and he grounded Lee.

Lee rallied, but Femi took control again. Lee fired up with a flurry of offense, and he dove onto Femi at ringside. He got a two-count with a headscissors takedown. Lee kept rolling, but Femi drilled him with an uppercut.

Lee countered a powerbomb and hit the Cardiac Kick for a near fall. They kept going back and forth, and Femi tossed Lee across the ring. He then powerbombed him for the win.

Here’s how the match broke down, courtesy of our play-by-play coverage:

Lee tries a rana, but Femi counters with a powerbomb that Lee counters into an x-factor. Lee lands that Cardiac Kick. Femi kicks out. Lee lands a frog splash, but Femi grabs Lee by the neck. Lee escapes Femi’s chokeslams, and both men fall over the top. Lee tries a dive but gets caught. Femi lands a shoulder breaker. Lee tries the Cardiac Kick again, but Femi reverses it into a tossing powerbomb. Femi follows that with a sit-out powerbomb for the win.

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