WWE NXT Heatwave Roxanne Perez Lola Vice
Photo Credit: WWE

WWE NXT Heatwave: Roxanne Perez vs. Lola Vice Result

Roxanne Perez put the title on the line at WWE NXT Heatwave.

At the premium live event on July 7, “The Prodigy” defended the NXT Women’s Championship against Lola Vice. The competitors went back and forth in the early stages, and Vice gained the upper hand with a barrage of strikes.

A key point in the match came when Vice hit her arm on the ring post, as Perez mercilessly targeted the injury throughout the rest of the bout. Vice kept fighting, but the injury compromised her striking game. In the end, Perez scored the win by hitting Vice with Pop Rox three times.

Here’s how the match broke down, courtesy of our play-by-play coverage:

Perez falls out of the ring. Perez is out cold. Vice sends Perez back into the ring. Perez puts her foot on the rope to break Vice’s pin. Perez sends Vice into the ring post, hand first. Vice escapes Pop Rocks and tries another back fist. Perez blocks it and hits Pop Rocks. Vice kicks out! Perez tosses Vice out of the ring and clears the commentary desk. Perez hits Pop Rocks on the commentary desk. Vice kicks out. Perez locks Vice in the crossface. Vice almost gets to the ropes. Perez gets up and hits Pop Rocks… then another Pock Rocks… and ANOTHER Pop Rocks for the win!

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