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Ethan Page Wins NXT Championship At WWE NXT Heatwave

Ethan Page has won the NXT Championship.

At WWE NXT Heatwave, Trick Williams defended the NXT Championship against Ethan Page, Je’Von Evans, and Shawn Spears. All four competitors threw everything they had at each other. Spears dished out punishment with a chair, and Evans wowed the crowd with some eye-opening dives. In the end, Williams hit his signature Trick Knee, but Page fell onto Evans, and the referee counted the pin for the win.

Here’s how the match broke down, courtesy of our play-by-play coverage:

Spears sets up a superplex. Evans gives Spears the finger and hits a top rope cutter. Corkscrew splash by Evans. Williams breaks up the pin. Evans tries a springboard, but Williams pushes Evans off the ropes. Evans crashes into the commentary desk. Williams looks conflicted. Williams tries a boot on Spears, but Spears steps back and traps Williams in the Sharpshooter. Page breaks it up and hits the Ego’s Edge on Williams. Evans puts Williams’ foot on the bottom. Williams lands a Trick Shot on Evans and on Page. Spears pulls Williams out of the ring and holds his leg. Page falls on top of Evans for the win. Williams is LIVID.

Page won the NXT championship less than two months after he made his NXT debut on the May 28 episode of WWE NXT.

Williams previously won the title by defeating Carmelo Hayes at NXT Stand & Deliver. He held the title for 75 days.

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