chelsea green
Photo Credit: WWE

Chelsea Green Is ‘Beyond Jealous’ About The TNA/NXT Crossover

Chelsea Green is very happy with the TNA/NXT crossover and wants to face some of TNA’s biggest stars.

The WWE star spent two years in TNA, during which time she became a champion in the promotion. She won the Knockouts and Tag Team titles, before leaving in 2018 to rejoin WWE.

However, there is clearly no bad blood on Chelsea Green’s end. The WWE star is happy to see TNA and WWE forged a new relationship, given the recent TNA stars appearing in NXT. Jordynne Grace, Joe Hendry and Frankie Kazarian have already made appearances, and Chelsea Green wants to see even more of them turn up to face her.

Speaking with Emily Mae for WrestlingNewsCo, Chelsea Green discussed her feelings on the relationship between the two companies. She said she was jealous of the opportunities, and that she would have loved to have appeared on NXT when she was in TNA.

“Honestly, pure jealousy because, oh my gosh, what I would have done to have that opportunity when I was in TNA. But I’m so happy it’s happening because it took too long to get here. There are so many amazing talents in TNA that don’t have the platform that we have. So I think this is a new era. I think we’re going to usher in some of the TNA talent now.”

Chelsea Green was then asked who in TNA she would like to face. She said:

“Don’t get me started. First of all, I want to take the Knockouts title off of Jordan. Second of all, I would love to have a tag match—me and Piper versus the tag champions. And also, I think maybe a little feud with Rosemary would be good.”