WWE NXT Heatwave Ethan Page
Photo Credit: WWE

Ethan Page Reacts To NXT Title Win At NXT Heatwave

Ethan Page wasn’t shocked at winning the NXT Championship last night.

The former AEW star surprisingly walked away from NXT Heatwave as the newest NXT Champion. He won a four-way match involving champion Trick Williams, Je’Von Evans and Shawn Spears to take home his first title in just six weeks in NXT.

However, his win seemed more luck than skill. Trick Williams hit a “Trick Shot” on Evans, then Ethan Page. Page then fell onto Evans, pinning him to win the title while being completely unaware of what was going on.

Ethan Page reacted to his title win in a promo on Twitter. He noted that he wasn’t surprised, as he knew he would win gold early on in his WWE run.

“Well, most people would say ‘it feels amazing, it feels great’, but to be honest with you I know this was going to happen. Six weeks! I walked in the first night, and I attacked who? This bum’s name is still on this belt. As soon as I’m done with this interview, I’m going to be getting these things changed. That’s right. I attacked Trick Williams. My first attempt didn’t really play in my favor. I clearly learned from my lessons, because I’m a wily veteran in the game.”

“It took me 17 years to get to the WWE Universe, and only six weeks to become champion. And now I’m the face of NXT? That’s what everyone is saying, right?”

Ethan Page: I Was Born To Be A Champion

Ethan Page continued. He was asked if there was more luck than ego about the finish to the match on NXT. The Canadian scolded the interviewer for asking the question, before noting that the win just proves that he was made to be a champion.

“What? You do realise that I could have let anybody interview me after I became champion, right? I said yes to you, and now you’re going to say I got lucky? I earned everything I have in the last 17 years of my career. Tonight is no different. This championship is earned. I’m going to prove it. I’m going to be a fighting champion, I’m going to be the man in NXT. But not to prove it to you, or people doubting me. Saying things like ‘you got lucky’. No. All Ego was born to be champion. Now I finally have the hardware to prove it.”