Bo Dallas WWE RAW
Photo Credit: WWE

Bo Dallas Appears In Adam Pearce’s Office On WWE RAW, New Wyatt Sicks Video Airs

Bo Dallas appeared live on the July 8 episode of WWE RAW after the newest Wyatt Sicks vignette aired.

For the third week in a row, Nikki Cross gave the broadcast team a VHS tape that turned out to be a message from Bo Dallas. The newest video featured Dallas discussing his new family and how they had a new purpose, and they made everyone remember who they were. He asked Uncle Howdy if he thought they were sick, and when he said yes, Bo said that sick was what they would be.

Backstage, Chad Gable confronted RAW General Manager Adam Pearce and made it clear that he wanted him to do something about the Wyatt Sicks, as the group had been targeting him from the start. Pearce noted that he had launched an investigation, but Gable threatened to take matters into his own hands. Pearce then opened his office door, and Bo Dallas was sitting there waiting for him. The RAW General Manager entered the office and closed the door.

This marked the first time that Dallas appeared live on WWE programming since the Wyatt Sicks debuted.

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