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Jordynne Grace Hopes To Do More With NXT: I Think That Is The Goal

Jordynne Grace is hopeful we’ll see more of her on WWE NXT in the future.

TNA Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace was a recent guest on Gigantic Pop. When asked if she’ll potentially do more with WWE in the future, Grace said she hopes so but she never hears about things until the last second.

“I think so. I hope so,” Jordynne Grace admitted. “Obviously, we don’t know things until last second it feels like. But I think that is the goal, and that’s the plan. Knock on wood.”

When asked how it’s been working alongside Shawn Michaels at NXT, Grace had high praise for The Heartbreak Kid.

“It’s actually kind of insane how down to earth he is,” Jordynne Grace admitted. “I just feel like I’m just talking to an old friend. He’s so chill and approachable, like a lot of people in management, they seem unapproachable. You never want to bother them. But I feel like Shawn; he always has an open ear, and he’s ready to talk to anybody, anytime. So it’s been really, really awesome working for him.”

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