AEW Hologram
Photo Credit: AEW

Identity Of AEW Masked Man From Teaser Has Been Revealed

The mystery of AEW‘s masked man has been revealed.

The company teased the debut of a new masked wrestler on the latest episode of AEW Collision. The vignette showed a short clip of grey screen. They then typed out the word “Hologram“, indicating a potential name for the new character.

Later on, the video showed the man running into a portal and being teleported away. They showed a close up of his mask, which was unlike any known luchador. However, the person behind the mask may be familiar. reported that former AAA star Aramis will be Hologram in AEW. While he has yet to wrestle for AEW, Aramis has competed all over the world since debuting in 2010.

Aramis has competed recently in Major League Wrestling. He has wrestled nine times for the promotion, including in some big title matches. He challenged El Hijo Del Vikingo for the AAA Mega Championship on MLW Azteca in 2021, although he failed to win.

They reported that he will wrestle as Hologram in AEW, and that Aramis will ditch his previous gimmick. He joined the company after failing to agree a new deal with AAA.

This information was corroborated by luchablog on Twitter. He confirmed that Aramis is the man under the Hologram mask, and that it is a brand-new character for the Mexican star.

“I can also confirm that wrestler teased on AEW Collision is Mexican luchador Aramis, under a new character.”

PWInsider later provided more information about Aramis joining AEW. They claim he signed with the company in February, and that Tony Khan personally created this new character for him to portray. Khan is said to be “personally excited” about creating the character, and that he will debut as a babyface character at some point in the future.