Smashing Pumpkins Speak On New Music Video w/ Wrestlers

Smashing Pumpkins’ star Billy Corgan Interview highlights courtesy of Paterson, MNM’s associate producer & official correspondent:

His newest collaboration with AAW Pro Wrestling & how he became involved with the promotion: “They reached out to me because they found themselves in a situation when they had the situation with Scott Hall, when he had to pull out of their event. They reached out to me saying that they were in a bit of pickle and if I could help out. I said I would. We have been in contact back & forth since then trying to figure the best way for me to participate & help out the promotion.”

The concept behind The Smashing Pumpkins’ new music video (featuring Raven, Shelly Martinez, & Cheerleader Melissa): “I don’t want to give away the storyline, but I’ve been very interested in the movement of women’s wrestling especially in the last six to seven years, where the women coming in want to wrestle at the highest level. They don’t just want to be objectified, although they know that’s part of the business. They want to wrestle. I think that’s probably one of the most exciting movements in modern day wrestling, and it’s reflective of the culture as well. To me, Melissa Anderson is one of the best female wrestlers in the world, so the video will focus on that level of ability. It’s going to be super respectful to the business and really put across the amazing ability of these women coming up who really want to compete at that level.”

How professional wrestling can go to another level from where it is at right now, especially when it comes to the world of technology: “I think it’s the same thing with music. Good music always works, and when it comes wrestling, good booking always works. There’s a real tendency in the modern age to run the angles too fast and not let people get their imaginations involved. With that said, wrestling really needs to come into the 21st century, particularly when it comes to technology. I saw Dixie Carter when she was in town about a week ago, and we were talking about this same thing. I really encouraged her to break some of the technologies out there for TNA to take advantage. Wrestling in a lot of ways, and many good reasons, is stuck in the past, because things are done a certain way, and that makes sense, but there are a lot of missed opportunities by not breaking technology.”

Why he decided to transition himself & The Smashing Pumpkins from working for a major music label to working independently & a sneak peak at the band’s forthcoming “album within an album (“Oceania”), part of their ongoing 44-song epic “Teargarden by Kaleidyscope.”: “I was with a major label for twenty years of my musical life, got very frustrated with getting buried here & there, because somebody else has another agenda. I decided to be independent on my own, and we have been putting on our music for free for a while. In doing one song at a time, a particular dynamic emerged, which is cool, but now we’re ready to do an album, so we are going to do an album of about ten songs. The whole concept & album is 44 songs, but there will ten songs within the 44.”

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