Karen Jarrett Allegedly a Victim of Sexual Harassment in TNA

Former WWE Intercontinental Champion The Honky Tonk Man posted the following Tweet on Monday: "Anyone who missed HTM’s announcement on TNA tonight. Karen Angle vs Dixie Carter’s husband is the sexual harassment lawsuit going down! That’s why Dixie is off TV and Karen is now back with the company as part of the settlement."

His Tweet was in reference to statements he made during his weekly podcast this past Monday night where he claimed that Karen Jarrett is the victim of a sexual harassment lawsuit which she filed against TNA Wrestling.

According to Honky Tonk Man, Jarrett was sexually harassed by TNA President Dixie Carter’s husband Serge Salinas, and part of the lawsuit settlement was that Jarrett be given her TNA job back, which is why she rejoined the company and returned to TV. Furthermore, HTM claimed that Dixie Carter was taken off TNA TV earlier this year due to the lawsuit. You can check out HTM’s podcast if you CLICK HERE.