Detailed Review of Randy Orton’s Movie In Theaters Tomorrow

William Bibbiani of, WrestleZone’s sister site, wrote a great, in-depth review on "That’s What I Am", the WWE Films produced movie starring Randy Orton.  The film is opening in very select theaters tomorrow.  William gave it a very positive review and encouraged you to go see it if it’s playing in your area.  Here’s what he had to say about the film:

"That’s What I Am toys with becoming a ‘Message Film,’ a phrase I usually utter with the same disdain I would use to say ‘Oscar Bait,’ but never quite takes the… well, bait. It is a film with many positive messages that are enforced by an involving story populated with interesting individuals. It’s also that rare film that truly earns its dramatic crescendos, bringing a single, genuine tear to the eye at times when many similar movies would try to elicit howling, but false sobs. It never oversells itself to make even its most earnest points, and as a result That’s What I Am garners my genuine respect"

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