FCW Star Speaks on WWE’s “Wrestling” Ban, Fozzy on DWTS

FCW star Seth Rollins, formerly known as Tyler Black in Ring of Honor, posted the following on Twitter when asked about WWE’s decision to remove "wrestling" from its name: "I think you have to understand the idea of it. I was skeptical at first too, but it’s all a marketing scheme. When push comes to shove WWE will always be professional wrestling, but they are branching out and doing so much more nowadays that the word "wrestling" really pigeonholes the brand…so eliminating the word expands the brand and creates many new avenues to go down."

Chris Jericho has posted the following on Twitter, noting that his band Fozzy will be in attendance for tonight’s Dancing with the Stars show: "GREAT rehearsal today with @cherylburke This tango is gonna rock…literally! Also found out that @fozzyrock will be on DWTS on Mon too!"