Exclusive: Scott Hall’s Ex-Wife Dana Says She’s Done

The following was posted on WrestleZone.com’s Facebook page by Scott Hall’s ex-wife and mother of his two children, Dana:

"Kevin [Nash] has so kindly offered to take over running the "insane asylum" and his friend now, and to take care of some unfinished business concerning our children legally…he saw his son, so at least a little bit of my goal in this got accomplished. There is ALOT to do, and pray Kev can pull it off? My "rose-colored" glasses were smashed along time ago, and been fooled by Scott’s big smile ALOT of times before. I was hoping for more of a tough love intervention to happen and thought that was what was desperately needed by his best friend and son, but Kevin felt it "wasn’t the time" so I will have to trust he’s right?

I know if he leaves this facility for anytime at all and isn’t in a full-time professional place 24/7 away from all enablers,the real world,and wrestling completely, he will continue to drink/drug – he will not make it much longer. It saddens me to say this as my daugher has not had closure or a visit, and there is still so much unfinished business in this family.We truly only have a SMALL window of opportunity left. He could leave this hospital at any time and then the ball will have been dropped again on our parts. I don’t think he will stay there or anywhere. I hope Kevins’ right, but I stilll think Scott gave him alot of "lip service",(which he is really good at), and there will be no actions to follow thru on Scott’s part, as it has always been. I just know I can’t do it anymore. I will express my last comments on this and I am putting it completey in Kevin’s hands to take care of it from here on in. I am going to take care me me and our daughter and stay away until if ever there are true actions of his intentions, we have had enough heartbreak for one or two lifetimes. I am not sure if Cody will continue to try to have any kind of a relationship with him while he is still around, guess that will depend on Scott? I guess everyone needs to pray for Kevin and for Scott to get a clue really fast, because it will take a miracle to pull this off."