WWE Draft 2004 Article and New Formerly Creative Podcast

In the next article in David Lagana’s WWE Draft, we look at the 2004 Draft Lottery – it’s impact on the brands and what lessons can be learned…


Excerpt –

March of 2004, news breaks that Brock Lesnar is leaving WWE after Wrestlemania 20 and a new draft (called the Draft Lottery) is scheduled.  Losing Lesnar was a big hit, but we still had a pretty strong roster with the dynamic of Paul Heyman as GM.  The hidden element going into that draft was the health of various members of the Smackdown roster.

Formerly Creative with Sean Conaway

The knock on members of the creative team is that they are all “Hollywood writers who don’t know wrestling.  Sean Conaway did it the reverse way.  A huge wrestling fan in college, Sean interned at the WWE Studios in the hopes that he could be on the WWE Creative team.  At age 21, he did.  But instead of becoming a “lifer”, Sean decided to move to Los Angeles and chase his Hollywood writing dream.  After six years, Sean has gotten his first script on the Fox TV Show – “Raising Hope” and that episode airs on 4/26 at 9:30pm on FOX.  Hear the entire podcast here…