Chris Jericho Update: Survives DWTS Elimination, Latest Blog

Chris Jericho survived elimination again on the Dancing with the Stars competition, despite being in the bottom two of fan voting.  Recently, several wrestlers have been jumping on board with Team Chericho urging fans to vote for the former WWE superstar. Chris Jericho has been saying that his presence on DWTS is ground breaking and helping the entire wrestling industry. 

He posted his latest column on where he discussed a variety of things related to the dancing competition.  The following is an excerpt: "My quest for the elusive eight started after week two, when Len awarded me the first of three successive sevens in the competition. It seemed no matter what I did or what Len thought of my dances, he always gave me the same score.

While a seven is nothing to sneeze at, I was really getting sick of that number. I mean, what is a seven anyway? Two stupid lines stitched together at an angle that makes it look like an upside-down nose?

Three sevens is great for a hand of blackjack or if you’re playing the slots in Reno, but it’s merely an above average score on ‘DWTS.’ And I’ve never wanted to be just "above average" in my life. If I ever was, I certainly wasn’t too damn happy about it."

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