Major Update on Rey Mysterio’s Contract Status & WWE Future

WrestleZone has exclusively learned that WWE is under the impression that when Rey Mysterio’s contract expires with the company in a little less than a year, the popular luchador will not be renewing.

"Rey feels his time in WWE is up," a key WWE insider told us this evening,"his performance in the Elimination Chamber is a perfect example of Rey being used in the right fashion by WWE management. He really worked hard to get Edge over the right way, even though it’s obvious there are no big plans for Rey at Wrestlemania."

WrestleZone was also told about a creative meeting in which a suggestion was made that since Alberto Del Rio is the #1 contender to the World’s Heavyweight Championship, consideration should be given to Rey Mysterio winning the title, and making the championship match at Wrestlemania a match between two Mexican nationals.

"The thought was to appeal to the large Latino community in Atlanta," we were told, "and to attempt to promote the match the same way UFC promoted Cain Velasquez’s fight against Brock Lesnar."

WrestleZone was told the pitch was never even made to WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, because both Raw lead writer Brian Gewirtz and Smackdown lead writer Michael Hayes have been told Mysterio "will most likely not be re-signing after his current deal is up."

We have been told WWE would like to do some sort of merchandise agreement with Mysterio, but the negotiations haven’t gotten to that stage yet.