JCW “Vilent Night” Results w/ Scott Hall, Sabu & More

Kevin Gill sent along the following:

Juggalo Championship Wrestling (Vilent Night Results)

Southgate Michigan (Dec 22nd, 2010)

It was a night of notable debut’s and returning JCW favorites in Southgate for the first of the regular series of Juggalo Championship Wrestling live events @ the Modern Exchange.

Kongo Kong With Truth Martini destroyed The Janitor with an epic Chokeslam!

Madman Pondo was Defeated by Baby Bitch Boy!

Axe Murder Boyz (AMB) defeated Kid Hybrid and Jeff Brooks in their pro wrestling debut with the Axe Attack.

“Richie Boy” Bryer Wellington W/ his butler Geeves and Truth Martini defeated Necro Butcher in a wild brawl!

First Ever Live Taping of Last Call with Scott Hall! With Guest Corporal Robinson

The fans gave a warm welcome to the “Bad Guy” direct from the US Marine Corps Toys for Tots charity event in NYC as he showed off his Diamond Bulova, and his custom maid Armani suit. He talked about the love he felt in the room and the love he had for every juggalo out there. He called out JCW heavyweight Champion Corporal Robinson as his guest and although these two men are brothers and JWO members, they aired out some dirty laundry tonight in the ring. Scott vividly recalled when Corp delivered his “Boot Camp” finisher in the Thumbtacks at Bloodymania and its clear that while they will be boys for life, Scott let it be known he wants another shot at the JCW title, the only belt that means anything in this business. Corporal Robinson stated that as a man and a JWO brother, he understands it’s all about being the best, and anytime Scott wants a shot at the gold, he can name the time and the place. More news on this as it comes in!

Sabu defeated Kano via Submission/Stabbing

The Weedman defeated Izabella Smothers in a hard hitting match!!

Main Event 6 Man Tag Team War!:

The Haters + Bull Pain were Defeated by 2 Tuff Tony, Corporal Robinson, and Jailbird Man With Insane Clown Posse!

Music By Billboard Chart Topping turntable Wizard: DJ Clay

Hosted By the Voice of JCW and Host of the JCW Hotline “KG” Kevin Gill

Decrepit Referee: Drew Taylor

JCW Returns to the Modern Exchange in Southgate, Michigan on January 19th 2011

First Match Signed: Sabu vs Kongo Kong W/ Truth Martini

Tickets on Sale now at www.hatchetgear.com

JCW HOTLINE: (313)-483-0949