Mistico Headed to WWE?, More on Kaval’s WWE Release

The Wrestling Observer is reporting that Lucha Libre star Mistico has inquiried about coming into World Wrestling Entertainment. Mistico did have interest in working for WWE in the past, and even worked a dark match try out in San Jose, but it made more financial sense for Mistico to continue to headline in Mexico. Given how WWE is grooming Alberto Del Rio as a major player on Smackdown, it might be wise for the Lucha star to consider WWE at this time.

PWTorch.com is reporting that Kaval did in fact ask for and receive his release from WWE. The feeling was that after his quick loss to Drew McIntyre on the live Smackdown show and his burial prior to that after he won NXT, that his character was heading no where. Kaval then decided to leave at that point, after company officials made it seem like they had no future plans for him.