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Mandy Rose Never Received A Warning About WWE Release, Recalls Termination Phone Call

The professional wrestling world paused in shock upon the announcement of Mandy Roses release from WWE. Now, Rose has revealed some more pertinent details about the circumstances surrounding it.

On December 14, just a day after losing her NXT Women’s Championship, Rose received notice of her release from WWE. Due to the explicit extent of some of her FanTime content, WWE officials felt she went outside of the parameters of her signed contract. Subsequently, they let Rose go.


On the latest episode of The Sessions with Renee Paquette, the former Toxic Attraction leader clarified that she, was never issued any warning of possible termination, and in fact, complied with the company’s requests leading up to it.

“No one brought [the concern of her FanTime content] to my attention besides the night before I lost the title,” she said. “It was from my lawyer, and it was just saying, ‘take this link down.’ [The request] came from WWE, from legal. It was just saying ‘take the link down.’ So, I complied, obviously, it came from work. Took the link down right away, that night. The next day is when I lost the title and got fired the following day. I never had a warning, I know there is a lot of news out there that says I was warned. I never did, but it could have been different, for sure.”

After following the instructions per the request of WWE, Rose dropped her NXT Women’s Championship to Roxanne Perez the day after. In the process her 413-day reign came to an abrupt end. The day after that, however, Rose’s predicted exit from the company was confirmed by a call from a familiar area code.

“The next day, which I was anticipating with how everything went down, I was making jokes about it actually the night before. It’s the only way [to cope]. The girls were even like, ‘Oh my God, stop, you’re crazy.’ I’m like, ‘No, it’s not crazy.’ I got a call around 11 something, you know that 203 number. When it comes in, it’s going to be really good or really bad,” she recalled.

Upon answering the call, Mandy Rose revealed she “didn’t release get much info,” other than that “they had to release me because of the situation.” At the time, she stayed with fellow NXT Superstar Indi Hartwell at her house to prepare for television tapings later than evening. Hartwell, however, soon found out she’d be going alone that day. “She was upstairs getting ready for TV, because we had to do double taping that day, that’s why I stayed. I was like, ‘Indi, I just got fired.’ All the way upstairs, she’s like ‘What? Shut the f*** up. No way.'”

Rose informed Hartwell she was indeed serious. “At first, you kind of laugh a little because you don’t know whether you want to laugh or cry,” Rose said. “It was a gut punch. But then I was like, ‘I need to really think about this, and handle this,’ whatever.”

Luckily for Mandy Rose, though, she had a safety net to fall back on outside of wrestling, racking up $1 Million through FanTime in the month of December. “When it comes to financially and life-changing money for my future, [FanTime] did become my number one at that point. Not that I would have chose[n] one over the other, just financially wise, that’s what it did become.”

While Rose admitted that her subscription-based platform became “lucrative” for her, she still kept herself immersed in other ventures like professional wrestling, her skincare line, and her donut business — DaMandyz. ” I always talked about it after wrestling. It was never a ‘I’m definitely going to do that.'” she said.

“You couldn’t have scripted a better way to go out.”

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