Howard Stern Regular Says He Was Booted as Raw Guest Host

Thanks to Daniel "Danson" Gray for sending in the following:

I listen to The Howard Stern show a lot and Jeff the Dunk has been promoting the fact that he was going to be on Raw this past Monday (12/27). I haven’t seen any news on this posted on WZ other than "celebrity guest hosting might have been given the boot." Well yesterday during Howard 100 news, Jeff called in. Said he had Ron Simmons number and was told by WWE to shave his head. He borrowed some cash from a friend just to get to the event. He called Ron. Jeff claims Ron said we’ll let you in soon. Just wait. Only to be turned away. Jeff also brought someone with him. Jeff was yelling and screaming about how mad he was about the whole thing. Having to shave his head. Promised to guest host for months. And had some nasty words to say about Ron. Then the guy who does Howard 100 news said at the end "Hummmmm, WWE. You got some explaining to do."