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I want to thank everyone for their submissions today.  It’s amazing the type of following we have here at and today proved just how great all of you are.  There have been some unbelievable stories sent in, but unfortunately we couldn’t get to them all.  I’ll make sure that we start focusing more on the voice of our loyal readers in 2011, so keep sending stuff in!

In the meantime, please read the column below sent in by WZ reader, Jason Skinner.  I believe everyone in wrestling – from fans to promoters to wrestlers alike – can get something out of it.

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Chris Cash

Senior Editor,


A Reminder Of What Wrestling Is…

I would like to take the time today to really focus on what most of wrestling is these days. Sure, we all know of wrestling in Japan, Ring of Honor, TNA, and of course the big boy, WWE. But everyone forgets the true foundation of the wrestling business. The Indies. Yes, the indies the poor little shows you hear run in gyms, bingo halls, and your local fire hall as well. Some of these guys are old stars trying for that last gasp of stardom. Some of these guys are nobodies who do it for the love of the sport. However, there is a good number of guys who end up being the stars of tomorrow. Sure, right now you might not have heard of that particular wrestler but one day he could be the next Shawn Michaels. They are known as road warriors.They travel up and down the United States trying to get their name out there so one day one of the big boys will give them the faithful call like a minor league baseball player getting a September call up.


Names like Aden Chambers, Tomasso Ciampa, Damien Dragon, and many more spend years driving 13 hours to get to a show for a 8 minute match. Why do they do this? Because they love it and have the drive and passion for the business. They hope to one day perform in front of 15,000 fans and not 200. They do it because they know everyone started off right where they were.


Sure, the name you know and love like John Cena and Randy Orton are wrestling gods in many people’s eyes but the true wrestling gods perform in Newark, Delaware or Hoboken, New Jersey.


The true foundation of the wrestling business isnt behind Vince Mcmahon’s checkbook. It’s in the eyes of guys who will give anything just to perform. They get humbled very often by the fact that it far harder nowadays to get your name recognized than the days when Verne Gagne ruled a territory. I personally have sat down and talked with some great men. Some rookies, some wily veterams. some has beens, some never was’s. But the fact is they do it for love, they do it for passion. They do it for that one chance.


One can never truly appreciate having to leave your children or your wife/girlfriend just to drive away into the sunset to an audience that sometimes doesnt know and could care less you are there. But there are some special names(such as the ones i said before) who come out there every night and give you what you paid for. I have truly marveled at the talent and absolute beauty of a match on a card not on a ppv but on a card for an organization you have probably never heard of. Never forget where the power and driving force of the wrestling business is… the indies.


The line between heel and face is often blurred at these shows because you never can fully appreciate what is happening in front of you. I am so sick and tired of hearing about the backstage info for WWe and hearing the whiny rich boys scream and throw temper tantrums about paychecks or getting a push when there are men out there who get no push, no guaranteed paycheck, no kind of guarantee they will even work again next week. I just don’t want these great men ignored any longer. I don’t want their sacrifice ignored. They put out their hearts, passion, blood, sweat, and tears and i want them recognized for the true wrestling gods they all are.


So everyone when you watch TNA or WWE next week remember those guys were once nobodies. They were once road warriors. And support your local indy show because you just never know when you will see the next legend born in front of your eyes. Thank you and Merry Christmas to all.


Jason Skinner