WWE RAW Results (12/20) – No More Nexus?


WWE Raw Results

12/20/10 Austin, Texas

Report By Bill Pritchard For WrestleZone.com

RAW Opener:

Miz tells everyone they better get used to hearing it, because it will happen for a long time and starts repeating "STILL WWE Champion, The Miz!" He says they expected Orton to win, but that didn’t happen, and… some creepy music plays and Alex Riley comes out as the Ghost of Christmas Past. He says he will show Miz the error of his ways, but Miz says he doesn’t regret any of his actions. Michael Cole comes out as the Ghost of Christmas Present, and says Miz needs to change, because Miz’s actions were cheap last night and he should be ashamed.

Miz says he is wrong too, and he is still champion, and that is all that matters. Miz says he has something for Orton, and he can put a picture of Miz holding the title on his Christmas cards. A picture of the Angry Miz Girl is shown as the Ghost of Christmas Future, and "she" says Miz better change because John Morrison might beat him. Miz says she is wrong, because he is the future, because he’s the Miz, and he’s … interrupted by John Morrison.

He tells Miz that was really stupid, even for him, but he is happy for him. He is the new #1 contender and they will fight for the title, and he will beat him in the future to become the new WWE Champion. Miz begs to differ and says he has always been better than him, then Riley steps in and shoves Morrison. Morrison fights back and Miz runs, then Sheamus comes out and beats on Morrison. King punches Riley, and Miz pulls him back and runs away as Cole gets an email. The email says there will be a six man tag team match between Miz, Riley and Sheamus against Morrison, King and Orton! Miz is taunting on the ramp but gets clotheslined from behind by Randy Orton!