Interview: Miz Speaks On Tribute To The Troops, Lawler

The following is an excerpt from an exclusive interview with WWE Superstar The Miz, courtesy of WrestleZone’s parent site

CraveOnline: How does the match you had for the troops impact your WWE storyline?

Miz: It does impact because Randy Orton is in that match and any time Randy Orton and myself get in a match together, it’s going to be chaos. You never know what’s going to happen because Randy Orton isn’t too happy with me right now because I basically beat him for the WWE championship while he was injured, while he got beat down by seven people. People are still calling me a paper champion, that I don’t deserve the championship but the fact is I’m going to prove that at this Sunday’s Pay Per View when I beat him at a tables match.

CraveOnline: What does fighting Jerry “The King” Lawler do for you as a wrestling fan and professional?

Miz: As a fan, it’s surreal because I remember watching Jerry back when I was a kid. To grow up and literally be in his first ever WWE championship match, it’s just incredible. Especially a TLC match which is very dangerous. It was my first time ever being in a TLC match so it was a new opportunity for me. My first title defense is against Jerry “The King” Lawler? Whenever I can say that, when those words come out of my mouth, it just makes me smile. The fact that I beat him was even better.

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