The Miz Explains How The “Angry Fan Girl” Appeared on Raw

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WWE Champion The Miz recently did an interview with Brian Fritz of During the interview, Fritz asked The Miz how the "angry fan girl" ended up appearing on Raw and winning a Slammy. Miz said, "Well, the way that happened was the father saw me give out the [WWE] address, I gave the address out the next week and I showed the picture of her, and so it was one of those moments. It just kind of happened.

The father called up WWE headquarters and was like, that’s my daughter and she would love to do something, and I literally went ‘bring her in!’ She ended up winning a Slammy for ‘Best Crowd Reaction,’ which honestly it was the best crowd reaction of the year. And me going out there and… how do you take something from a little kid? How do you get it? So you have to be extremely, excruciatingly nice.

You have to be so nice to them that they trust you, and that’s basically how I went out there and took her Slammy away from her. I was so nice that she trusted me and I took her Slammy and I gave her her own face right back to her. The cool part was backstage everyone was telling me how shy she was. Just watching her go out there and saying thank you to my mom and my sister who always sticks up for me.

It was so cute and she was so shy. Someone told me that Randy Orton went up and hugged her and she wouldn’t let go. It was kind of cute." You can check out the full interview if you CLICK HERE.


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