Live SSeries Fan Report: Former WCW Champion Attends

Thanks to Robert Kennedy for sending this in:

Hey guys, I was 5th row at the event just wanted to give you a heads up on the off camera stuff.  The truth beat zack rider in a prelim match nothing crazy typical killings match.  David arquette of all ppl was announced as a "former wcw champion" and stood on the announcers table before the announcers came out.  At the event when alex riley came out with miz me and my buddy put our arms out like we were steering a car (a jab to his dui) and he actually laughed for a split second then went back into character.  Not sure if him doing it was on camera but me and the row got a good laugh out of it.  Seen tye dye guy lol.  After the card cena handed the belt to orton, they hugged then cena went around the lower deck and shook the fans hands.  Great event overall I thought the edge and kane match was a little dry crowd was not really into it.  Best pops mvp big show rey mysterio orton and cena of corse…best heat def miz…cole got booed bad when he was announced before the show…also swagger got a lot of laughs from the crowd with his cuba comment and the 5 man match was really over with the crowd.  Cody rhodes was classic.