One Year Of WWE Raw Guest Hosts, Odd Sid Vicious Report has posted the following recognizing the one year anniversary of the Raw guest host concept: "On June 29, 2009, in San Jose, Calif., Mr. McMahon revealed that a succession of special guest hosts would officially govern Monday Night Raw. Be it celebrity, Superstar or WWE Hall of Famer, everyone and anyone could take control of Raw. One year after that momentous announcement, takes a look back at how some of the top names in music, film, television and sports made an impact on cable television’s longest-running weekly episodic series."

The Wrestling Observer is reporting that Sid Vicious recently no-showed a 6/5 event that he was scheduled to appear at for Dreamwave Wrestling. Company officials tried all day to contact Sid but they had no luck reaching him. When Sid finally called back, he said the reason he didn’t make it to the show was because he had left his passport at home and was not allowed to board his flight. It should be noted that his flight was from Memphis to Chicago, which of course does NOT require a passport.