EVOLVE Wrestling Results (1/16): Rahway, New Jersey

Thanks to Anthony Morone & F4WOnline.com

Ringside looked to sell out, and the bleachers were 80-85% full. I’m a bad attendance guess, but my friend guessed around 350. Commentary is by Lenny Leonard and Leeonard Chikarason. Both wrestlers or teams facing off come out one after the other to the same generic music as their opponent. There were three or four different songs that played throughout the night.

O’Reilly over Fish in about 6 minutes. Stiff as fuck. A lot like the DGUSA preshow match with O’Reilly and Cole, but more even.

Lenny Leonard is doing post-match interviews, like MMA. O’Reilly puts over Fish, but Davey Richards (his mentor) comes out and tells him it’s just the beginning.

Chuck Taylor over Cheech in about 6 minutes with the Omega Driver. Match was okay. Taylor cuts a promo about Ricochet and and others getting in without needing a qualifier, and complains that he needed to win one.

Ricochet over Arik Cannon with a 630 in about 4 minutes. Really good while it lasted.

Chucky T comes out to talk trash. Says he’s from below the mason dixon where they don’t believe in evolution. Challenges Ricochet for the return date.

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