Matt Hardy Update, What 80’s WWF Star Did Chyna Date?

Matt Hardy Update

The Fayetteville Observer is reporting that Matt Hardy is still in jail as of Wednesday in the Moore County Detention Center in Moore County, North Carolina pending one million dollar bond.

Hardy, who was arrested Friday evening after being kicked out of rehabilitation center for failing a breathalyzer test, is scheduled for court next Monday in Moore County District Court due to three prior arrests.

What 80's WWF Star Did Chyna Date?

Kayfabe Commentaries recently did an interview with Chyna to talk about number of topics including Triple H, Sean Waltman, WWE, TNA, past suicide attempts and more.

During the "YouShoot" interview, she reveals that she dated Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake when she was 18 years old. This would have occurred in 1989 when Beefcake was a top star in the World Wrestling Federation.