WWE RAW Results (2/20) – HHH Says He Will End The Streak In HIAC Match, Battle Royal For WM Title Shot

WWE RAW Results

By Bill Pritchard for Wrestlezone.com

February 20th 2012

Eve is shown talking to the Bella Twins about the weather, then they say what she did to Zack Ryder was wrong and Eve starts laughing. She stops and says it was great, because she used Zack and that's what people do to each other to get what they want. Eve tells them she will get to John Cena like she did Zack and asks them to film her going to his locker room. Cena is shown in the back listening, and Eve looks worried that he heard her, but he ends up shaking his head and walking away.

Cena comes out to the ring after the opening video, and Eve follows him out and says she needs to explain because her words were taken out of context. She tries to talk but Cena says he can fill everyone in and says she is a skank that will use her 'assets' to further her own career. Eve tries to say they are friends, but Cena cuts her off and says he lost a good friend because of her and calls her a 'hoski', then he says he wants to hear the fans chant it. Cena tells her she should hold out for the Rock, because she is self centered and egomanical bitches, just like him. Eve falls to her knees and cries, and Cena tries to pick her up so Eve tries to make out with him but he throws his arms up and tries to get her to back up. Cena leaves and says he is disease free and wants to keep it that way, then Eve is escorted to the back by referees as the fans continue to chant 'Hoski' at her.

Sheamus vs Mark Henry

Henry punches Sheamus in the corner then reverses a whip attempt, but Sheamus gets a boot up and hits a Battering Ram for a near fall. Henry ends up on the apron and Sheamus clubs him a few times, but Henry shoves him away then throws him across the ring and splashes him in the corner. Sheamus fights back with some more punches and kicks, but the ref pulls him away and Sheamus calls for a Brogue Kick but Henry moves and clotheslines him. Henry picks him up for a World's Strongest Slam, but Sheamus slides over his shoulder and knocks him down with a successful Brogue Kick to win.

Winner – Sheamus