WWE Smackdown Results (2/21) – Super Smackdown, Cody Gets Under Big Show’s Skin, Punk vs Bryan Ends In Controversy

WWE Smackdown Results

By Bill Pritchard for Wrestlezone.com

February 21st 2012

Daniel Bryan comes down to the ring and says he has been saying since July he would main event this year's Wrestlemania, and no one believed him. He says Santino tried to be like Rocky Balboa, but he is the real role model because he beat everyone on Sunday. Bryan says his moment was ruined by Sheamus, but he is going to ruin Sheamus' moment at Wrestlemania because he will be victorious. He says he will also be victorious against CM Punk tonight, then Miz comes out and Bryan asks him what he wants. Miz says he knew he would become champion because he was training him since day one, and he just wants to congratulate him. He tells Bryan to take the skills he learned and beat Sheamus, and talks about forming a tag team with him, but Sheamus comes out and interrupts him.

Sheamus says he wants to congratulate Bryan for being a hypocrite and an ass, because he would rather hide behind his girlfriend than fight like a man. He says Bryan is almost as pig-headed as Miz, and no one will be congratulating him at Wrestlemania because Sheamus is winning that one. Miz says how dare he cut him off, and Sheamus tells Miz he should let the people with Wrestlemania matches talk, then Bryan sucker punches him. Sheamus goes after Miz and hits him while Bryan runs away, then Sheamus stares him down while Bryan backs up the ramp with AJ.

Miz vs Sheamus

We are told that Teddy Long made this match official during the break, and we see Sheamus sending Miz to the apron and clubbing him in the chest. Miz falls to the floor so Sheamus brings him back in and hits a flying shoulder tackle, then Miz tries to escape but Sheamus clotheslines him. He whips Miz into the corner and attempts a shoulder ram but Miz moves out of the way, and Sheamus hits the post then Miz jumps down on his arm. Miz kicks him in the face after an armbar, and follows it with a diving clothesline and a top rope axe handle smash. Sheamus battles back with some forearm shots and a clothesline, then gets a two count after a backbreaker but Miz comes back with a breaker combo. Miz calls for a Skull Crushing Finale but Sheamus hiptosses him then avoids a rollup and drops him with a Celtic Cross for the win.

Winner – Sheamus