Florida Championship Wrestling TV Results – March 4, 2012

FCW Television Report 4th March 2012 by Mark Robinson @MarkShowHost and F4WOnline.com

We started with a video package highlighting the events of last week, where Mike Dalton picked up a shock victory over the champ (with a little help from “Road Dogg” Jesse James).

According to Byron Saxton’s arm-sling he is 65% healed… the best gimmick in wrestling easily.

Match One for the FCW Tag Team Championship: Antonio Cesaro & Alexander Rusev Vs Bo Rotundo & Husky Harris

“Hmm, we need some tag team contenders”

“Well we don’t really have anyone to be honest.”

“What about those two from Euroland?”

“Ah screw it, that’ll do”

Rusev and Harris start off and collide like a pair of freight trains. Bo and Antonio end up in the ring next which could be a real fun one-on-one match. Rusev whacks Bo from behind and our European brethrens take the advantage. Cesaro was using all sorts of dastardly tactics to prevent Bo from tagging in his brothr. Husky made the hot tag and slaughtered Rusev. He hit his senton splash but Cesaro made the save. Bo speared the life out of Rusev and Husky picked up the win.

Winners and still FCW Tag Team Champions: Husky Harris & Bo Rotundo

Dean Ambrose claimed to be the best in the world, and was pissed off for being ignored. He said Regal couldn’t beat him and he was better than Regal ever was.

Match Two: Seth Rollins Vs Brad Maddox w/ Summer Rae (so that’s her name – clever)

Seth’s entrance reminds me why I don’t go to gigs anymore, poxy teenagers. For the first time in sometime Rollins was given a microphone to talk. And blimey, he has improved tenfold on the stick since coming from ROH. Things started off fast and furious until Rollins was thrown out of the ring. Maddox kept things on the ground with a variety of submission holds. I love how Maddox does a single-leg takedown. Rollins ended up on the outside again, but this time Rollins got a kick to the face in. He followed up by sending Maddox outside and hitting a sweet suicide dive. Rollins went for the facestomp, but Summer intervened. Rollins’ new admirer came out and shoved Summer in to Rob Naylor. With the distraction, Maddox went for a roll up, but Rollins reversed and Maddox ended up eating the ring.

Winner: Seth Rollins

Match Three: “I’m all alone” Kenneth Cameron Vs Jiro

Kenneth doesn’t sound all that menacing when announced from ‘Chesterfield, England’ if I’m being honest. Jiro hits a freaking HARD chop. Cameron apparently has the longest running winning streak in FCW which is a travesty. He hit a jumping Fisherman’s Buster for the win.

Winner: Kenneth Cameron

Saxton got in the ring minus arm-sling and smashed Cameron in the face. YES! YES! YES! Er… I won’t bother asking who the heel is here. Saxton calmly walked back over to the commentary table. LOL. Saxton was back in his arm-sling and announced he is well on his way to recovery.

Match Four for the FCW Diva’s Championship: Sofia Cortez Vs Audrey Marie Vs Raquel Diaz

This could be trouble.

Fair to say that Regal’s commentary was more entertaining than the match, “My new girlfriend wants to fight poverty; so I went out on to the street and punched a homeless person”. If ever a skit was needed. The girls did a good job of killing each other. Marie and Cortez were trying to do something or another and it didn’t exactly work. Diaz went for a roll up on Marie, and as she was kicked off Diaz splashed on to Cortez for the victory.

This was a mess

Winner and still FCW Divas Champion: Raquel Diaz

Maxine and Abraham Washington were talking about RATINGS. The FCW president wanted to see her.

Main event for the FCW Heavyweight Championship: Mike Dalton Vs Leo Kruger©

Things were hard and heavy from the get-go, with Dalton being splattered against the ringsteps.

AD Break

Kruger went straight to the turnbuckle pads as he tends to do. They didn’t come in to play just yet, but he hit a nice armbreaker on Dalton. Kruger hit a HYOOOUUUGGE spinebuster on Dalton. Dalton got back in to the swing of things with a missile dropkick. A nice exchange of moves saw Kruger apply the sleeper and then the moss covered three handled family gredunza. Kruger had the sleeper back on, but he ended up taking the exposed ringpost on throat first. Kruger tried to get the hell out of dodge, but again Road Dogg threw Kruger in to the ring. Dalton got a roll up aaaaaaand…

WINNER and your NEW FCW Heavyweight Champion: Mike Dalton

Closing comments: The main event could have been an epic encounter if given more time, but it was a cool ending. Hopefully Kruger will get called up soon as he has all the tools. The Ambrose/Regal feud continues to simmer along, and hopefully we’ll be at 66% next week with poor Saxton.