Update: WWE Planning To Open New Developmental Facility

According to PWInsider.com, WWE plans to open up a new branch of its developmental system, which will closely resemble a mesh of the FCW system and the current main roster, as it will feature talent that is “almost ready,” and will see WWE officials readying the talent for main roster debuts.

As for Florida Championship Wrestling, WWE officials, including Triple H, have made it clear that the facility is NOT shutting down, but rather it will be beefed up. Triple H issued the following statement to WWE.com yesterday:

“WWE’s developmental system is being revamped, not shut down. If anything, it’s going to get bigger and better than ever. By no means is it going to get smaller or shut down.”

WWE is in the process of finding a new TV home for FCW programming, and as we previously reported, Orlando is amongst the cities in Florida being discussed by officials.