WWE House Show Results (6/7): Sevilla, Spain

WWE RawThanks to Art Valadez for sending this in:

John Laurinaitis came out and announced that Cena would be having a 2 on 1 match tonight, even Spain hates him, major heat.

1st match. Ryder who wasn't advertised at all  defeated Ziggler with Vickie and, good match, crowd loved Ryder.

2nd match. Alex Riley, who again wasn't billed defeated Curt Hawkins, so so match A-RI worked the crowd, think he's ready to step up to mid card.

3rd match. Layla defeated Beth Phoenix crowd was into the match, it was a very funny playful match between the ladies, the crowd really like Layla.

4th match. Mason Ryan defeated Michael McGillicutty, not a bad match, Ryan manhandled MG , interesting note, the crowd kept chanting Mr Perfect and I noticed MG acknowledged it, why not build a character around his family? shrug.

5th match. Cena defeated Tensai, Big Show and yes John Laurinaitis, I know i said John L said 2 on 1 but Big Show end up being added as John L came to the ring.  Tensai fought most of the match, Big Show got about 10 good mins of work and John L came in 2 times to kick on Cena when he was down, The crown erupted when he came out, the crowd was 60/40 pro Cena, there was someone with a If Cena Wins, We Riot signed, which I thought was funny for this being Spain.

Intermission, showed a Spain tour Raw Shirt and some autographed pictures from Cena and Punk for sale.

6th match. Santino Marella defeat Jack Swagger w/ Vickie and David Otunga in a Triple Threat match.  3rd biggest pop of the night for Santino and the Cobra. Towards the end of the match Swagger and Otunga were at each other, this was the most comical match of the night, the crowd was laughing the whole time.

7th match. Kofi Kingston and ……..  Brodus Clay aka The Funkassaurs not R Truth as billed , defeated Epico and Primo w/ Rosa , the fans loved Kofi and Brodus, I thought I had seen history in the making, this match was for the tag team titles, No R Truth, gonna have to see if something is going on there, anyways, Epico and and Primo at one point won the titles with a Backstabber, I couldn't believe that they would switch champs at a house show, I know it has been done before, I just could believe it, that is until another referee came out and explain that Brodus's foot was on the ropes I think, there was a lot of confusion, match was restarted and Kofi and Brodus beat E and P. The Funkassaurs had some Spanish kids come to the ring and dance, only one of the  Funkadactyls came to Spain.

8th and last match. CM Punk defeat Daniel Bryan in a Street match, the crowd got to choose between a submission match and a street match. Biggest Pop of the night for CM Punk. 30% of the crowd was behind Daniel Bryan. Match of the night, these two put on hell of a match.  Bryan used a Kendo Stick and chair and the Punk used them, CM Punk beat him with the GTS. 10 min celebration, the crowd was yelling for punk all through the match and every time Bryan yelled Yes! I'd yell No! I got my section of Spaniards behind me and we got the arena chanting NO! every time he yelled Yes!

All in all the card was 71/2 stars, top 3 pops 1. CM Punk, John Cena and a tie for 3rd between  Kofi/Brodus and Santino, best sign  Portugal's Coolest Broski, saw a new T Shirt for The Undertaker, Apocalyptic Warrior, it was the first time seeing it but again, I've been in Spain for a year now.