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Crossfire’s Andrews demands answers from Douglas

Nashville’s own Crossfire Wrestling has been seeing a power struggle starting to boil between Arrick “The Dragon” Andrews and “The Franchise” Shane Douglas.

Andrews called out the wrestling legend Douglas at the May Crossfire event, but not only did Douglas not give “The Dragon” an answer that he wanted, but Andrews thinks that Douglas is playing games.

“I’m tired of the games and of [Douglas] using and bending the tikes of his power to avoid me and also to cause me my matches,” Andrews said earlier this week. “I want the games to stop and let’s fight!”

Douglas has been getting used to his role behind the scene in Crossfire Wrestling.

“My father taught me a long time ago that if you want something, keep your eye on the prize, never take your eye off that prize. If you live off those rules, you will get anything you want,” Douglas stated in an video release from Crossfire in June. Douglas set his sights on any goal and has accomplished them.

Now Douglas has set his sights on working behind the scenes in the office by becoming the Director of Operations of Crossfire Wrestling.

“I have set my eyes on that prize,” Douglas continued, “and you have done your best to pull my eyes off that prize. Ain’t going to happen, Arrick, because as much as I would like to step back in time and step back into that ring and kick your ass from pillar to post, all throughout the building, and made you say ‘Franchise, please stop!’. I would love that.”

But the threats of the wrestling legend do not deter Arrick “The Dragon” Andrews. In fact, the Gallatin, Tennessee native knows how to take care of himself.

“My dad always told me if I have a problem with another man, then tell him and if it can’t be resolved, then beat the resolution into them,” Andrews said. “I have told him and I have beat him, but the only way it’s going to be settled is for the Franchise to step up.”

Nothing is off limits for these two wrestlers and they will be stepping back into the Nashville Fairgrounds Sports Arena on Saturday, August 4, 2012, and prove who is the greatest and who is the best.

General admission tickets are still available for $10, with $2 of each ticket to go to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, by visiting Crossfire’s website at