Was Flair Backstage at Raw 1,000?, Future of Impact Airing Live

Ric FlairSource: F4WOnline.com

Was Flair Backstage at Raw 1,000?

WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair was not backstage at Raw 1,000, despite rumors that he might make a surprise appearance on the show.

The current feeling is that while most people expect Flair to return to WWE at some point down the line, the company is being very careful with the pending lawsuit between TNA and WWE, and because WWE's stance in court was that they are not actively pursuing Flair, signing him now would contradict that position.

Future of Impact Airing Live

SpikeTV indicated yesterday that there is a possibilty of Impact Wrestling remaining as a live show after it finishes its live run this summer, however, if that does not happen, TNA will revert back to bi-weekly tapings as they did in the past.