WWE Smackdown Results (8/17) – Reks & Hawkins “Dress” To Impress, Bryan/Orton, Summerslam Title Match In Jeopardy?

WWE Smackdown Results

By Bill Pritchard for Wrestlezone.com

August 17th 2012

Alberto Del Rio starts things off by saying he wants his title shot back, because Sheamus stole his car and he got rewarded. He says he is being treated unfairly by Booker T, and he's not leaving the ring until he gets his match reinstated. Booker comes out and says Alberto has been a pain in his side since he became GM, but Alberto says he doesn't care because he handles business like a man. Booker says a man wouldn't hire some cops to beat someone up, and he's not tolerating actions like that from anyone. Alberto says he earned the right to be number one contender, and he says he spoke will his lawyers, and… Chris Jericho cuts him off and heads to the ring!

Jericho asks him to please shut the hell up, because no one cares about his lawyers or anything to do with him, and he says Alberto whines like a chihuahua. Alberto asks who he thinks he is, then Jericho tells him to shut up in Spanish, and he insults him again then he says the translation was "Alberto's breath smells like dog poop." Jericho says Alberto isn't getting a title shot, so maybe when he beats Dolph Ziggler he will also get a title shot and beat Sheamus on Sunday. Alberto says there's no way that happens, then they argue a bit but Booker tells them it's not going down like this. Booker says he already said Sheamus isn't competing at Summerslam, but they will have a main event tonight, and it will be Alberto versus Jericho.

Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara vs Cody Rhodes & The Miz

Cara takes Cody off his feet and chases him out of the ring, then Miz gets sent to the floor and Rey hits a seated senton while Cara dives on Cody. He rolls back in but Cody gets a quick pin attempt, then he tags Miz and he punches Cara a few times before he points at Rey and tags back out. Cody stomps Cara and goes for another near fall, then he hits a bodyslam and punches Cara in the chest before tagging back out. Miz keeps Cara grounded with some kicks to the back, then he puts him in a rear headlock and they continue to use quick tags to keep Cara isolated. (Cont'd…)