WWE RAW Results (9/3) – Orton/Ziggler Rematch, AJ Loses Control, A ‘Dangerous’ Alliance Forming?

WWE RAW Results

By Bill Pritchard for Wrestlezone.com

September 3rd 2012

Michael Cole informs the crowd that Jerry Lawler is not at commentary tonight, then they show a clip of him from a few minutes ago brawling backstage with CM Punk.

Sheamus comes out and says they are off to a jumpstart, and he says the party never ends in Chicago, but it will for Alberto Del Rio. He starts to talk about Night of Champions but CM Punk's music cuts him off, then the WWE Champion comes out to a huge hometown pop. Punk tells Sheamus he shouldn't talk to his hometown fans, because he is a guy that they can actually relate to then he asks how everyone is doing. He says they saw him fighting with Jerry Lawler, but they didn't see King attack him from behind, and he just dealt with it Chicago style. Punk says he was going to teach King about respect, but John Cena had to get involved, then he asks the fans if they think he turned on them. The crowd cheers and Punk says anyone who agrees with King is on the wrong side, and John Cena and King turned their backs on the WWE Universe, not him.

Sheamus says he wants respect because he's a champion too, and Punk is doing exactly what the Rock did to him by interrupting him. He says Rock actually had the guts to get in the ring, so he wants Punk to face him in the ring, but Punk says tonight's not the night. Punk says Sheamus is the second-best in the world, and he should shut up and get in line with the rest, only Sheamus says he's talking out of his arse. AJ comes out and says no disrespect to either of them, but Night of Champions is close, and she has an idea for tonight's two main events. Alberto Del Rio will face John Cena, and they will also have a 'Champion versus Champion' match, and Sheamus will face CM Punk.

Randy Orton vs Dolph Ziggler

Dolph hits a dropkick and taunts Orton, then Orton comes back with a dropkick of his own for a near fall. Orton stomps his leg and kicks him in the shoulder, then he follows with an uppercut and springboard suplex. Dolph kicks out of a pin attempt and kicks him in the stomach, then he repeatedly punches Orton in the back but Orton throws him outside. Orton goes after him and throws him in the barricade, then he rolls inside to break the count as we go to a break. (Cont'd…)