Exclusive: Backstage Talk On Future Plans For Randy Orton

Randy OrtonWZ has confirmed via backstage WWE sources that rumors of Randy Orton being pushed back to the top of the card is very much a priority over the next six months.

In addition to focus being put back on the third-generation star, a heel turn for his character is expected. One source even noted the heel turn has been a discussed possibility to happen as soon as this Sunday's Survivor Series.

There has been concern of Orton turning heel because he's been a top face for the Smackdown live events, but we've learned the general internal feeling has changed. Now it seems WWE officials realize a heel turn is probably the best use of Orton's talents and will make him happy personally as he's expressed how he likes to play a heel rather than face. In terms of not having him as a face that sells tickets, we're told WWE realizes Orton as a great heel could help develop a face and mold that talent into a potential big ticket seller.