Several October 2012 WWE Business Figures: DVD Sales, Traffic, House Show Attendance & More

CM PunkThe following October 2012 WWE business figures have been reported by The Wrestling Observer:

-WWE DVD shipment numbers, as of 10/31, are as follows:

Wrestlemania 28 sold 230,000 units.

The Rock DVD sold 150,000 units.

The Undertaker DVD sold 112,000 units.

The CM Punk DVD sold 105,000.

This year's Royal Rumble DVD sold 89,000 units.

-165,000 DVD units were shipped (64% being the new CM Punk DVD). This is down 38%. averaged 11.5 million unique visitors. This is down 10% from last year. averaged 903 orders per day. This is up 27% from last year.

-Average house show attendance was 4,762 in North America (up from 4,607 last year).